In today's context, every organization thrives to expand their business and increase efficiencies keeping the cost factor controlled.To achieve this goal, organizations work around 3 Es which are:

  • Workforce enablement
  • Workforce engagement
  • Customer experience

KinshipHub is an AI based engagement platform that leverages social networking technology to:

  • bridge the gap and improve relationships,
  • make the engagement effortless and effective, thereby achieving high customer satisfaction.
  • enable focused communication to closed groups and target audience

Thus, KinshipHub fulfils our vision promoting transparency, brainstorming, boosts new talents in ideation and helps employees work together better.




Communication within the organisation is of par-amount importance. KinshipHub provides ease in doing so and takes it a step ahead to incorporate direct engagement.
The gap between a superior and his numerous subordinates is reduced through us.

  • Assignment and monitoring of tasks
  • Inculcating a reward system to give recognition to subordinates
  • Secure transfer of confidential documents
  • Building your own community.



Celebrities, being great influencers, have always started off various trends, Be it fashion, events and even campaigns. KinshipHub leads their followers to dive into their activities everywhere, anytime.

  • Build a private community of your fans/followers.
  • Posts on all social-media handles with just a click.
  • Allows personal engagement with fans/followers.
  • Allows creation & tracking of events.


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