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What Is Kinshiphub

In the ever changing world of social media, the only constant are the people at the end of the channel.

We are profoundly passionate about creators, and putting them front and center has been our driving force from day one.

So we’ve set out to build a different model: To reimagine social media where control is in the hands of creators, not platforms, where those driving engagement are compensated and not the networks they use. also, where communication is direct, no intermediaries. Where everyone can be seen.

So, KinshipHub provides an AI-based service that provides an application platform along with the features needed for developers to create, deploy and host applications.

This is KinshipHub, and it's just the beginning…

Customize your app

Just theme the app with your preferred color and assets and in no time we’ll make it happen. You can choose from a range of features including feeds, categories and events.

  • Theme Color
  • App Icons
  • Menu
  • Splash screens
  • Features
  • Content

Connect with your community

You can bring your fans together by sharing multimedia posts, exclusive content, continuously engaging them through polls, quizzes, contests and much more. Engaging with your fans is a click away.

  • Content Feeds
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Videos
  • Profiles
  • Polls Quizzes
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Get exclusive content directly from Swapnil Joshi, actor from Marathi Film Industry - only on his official app.


Get to know lifestyle of your favorite Niharica Raizada, an actress from Bollywood.


Stay in touch with your favorite jeweller WHP – An app to find the new collection from the jeweller.


Our Platform Allows You To: First, Interact With Your Fans/Followers. Second - Provides You The Tool To Publish And Keep The Track Of Analytics.

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Strides to your App Launch

Get a demo

We shall give you a tour of the platform and the features

Finalise the Layout

We Create your app as you select the logo, colours and features for your app.

Strategize your app

Agree on the Strategy, sign the agreements

Launch the app

On both android and iOS